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Ride to Savoy, anyone? →

So…if I’m the only one counting down the days until this epic concert, then that’s sad. Just TWO days until Savoy plays at Beta nighclub (one of my favs). Anyone looking for a ride should check this out. Just $15 for a ride to the show and back. It leaves the Goose at 8:30pm and brings us back after the show is over. A DJ will be s pinning on the bus as we hang with our friends and meet new people. (yes drinking is aloud)

What to wear…what to wear…

With the recent trend of dubstep music, the fashion changes as well. I hear the question all the time, “what should I wear to the show?” It’s harder than one may think. Above is a link which doesn’t necessary touch on the correct fashion of clothing but rather accessories that one may find useful when attending a show. The light up fingered gloves are something else…and I see them ALL the time at shows.

SAVOY—Last year at the Fillmore. So ready for this year at Beta Night Club. Couldn’t ask for better music of a better venue. Whose going? I hear there’s a special announcement!

St. Patty’s Day blowout

Looking for St. Patty’s day plans…READ ON

"Top of da Mornin’ to yas,

De day is upon us. Wee lads Kyle, Snile, sidebeerin, fear de beard, gatekeeper, leanin’ leahman and Ty, Sny, Kyle’s little/cooler/and better mustached brother, are turnin 21 on de days of all days, St. Patty’s Day!

Join us for the afternoon as we all become Irish and celebrate the monumental event that is kyle/ty’s birthday in the true fashion it deserves. There will be multiple green kegs and handle’s provided. We will be partying in a huge backyard so there will also be food from the grill and numerous recreational drinking games. Bring all ye friends and ye booze you want and help us celebrate Kyle/Ty’s 21st and find the gold at the end of the rainbow. Hope to see you all there.

You can park anywhere along the street. 1265 Holly Place, in the back yard.

Weather: 67 and sunny.

Slainte!” - My oh so clever friends

Now, who can pass up a party like that right?…I’ll definitely be there. But what to wear…